We had a great week in Lanzarote, with varied conditions meaning we could work on lots of different skills and even snuck in a cheeky surf and SUP.


We set up at Antxon Otaegui’s Pro Centre in Playa De Las Cucharas: www.procenterlanzarote.com. The centre is ideally placed with a great atmosphere and offers exceptional rescue cover and safety which is quite rare to come across in the Canaries.


Antxon is a great guy and an awesome windsurfer; ex-EFPT champion and 3rd in the world at freestyle in 2009/2010. Next year we are going to be bringing Antxon on board with Tonky as well for the clinic.


There are lots of great accommodation options super close to the beach, with a 2 bed apartment costing approximately 50Euro per night.


The prevailing wind is cross-shore with port tack jumping, it’s not out and out wave riding but great for bump and jump.


On the first day we had some 6.5m weather al day giving us 5 hours of blasting control, a perfect way to start the week and easy ourselves in. The next day it was a bit windier and we ranged from a 5.3m to 5.9m, getting in some more blasting control and little bump and jump. Day 3 was perfect bump and jump conditions with most of the guys on 5.0m’s.


Day 4 we didn’t sail but it definitely was not a wasted day, Antxon very kindly leant us his car and we took a trip to the other side of the island for some surf and SUP. It was epic, we had so much fun and didn’t realize how long we were out resulting in some pretty red Brits abroad!

 The week could not have ended any better with 2 more days of 5m weather!