ITs bloody snowing again and i woke up in horsham, the van was snowed in and I'm on a time scale, ahhhh bloody weather, i have to leave for Cornwall as Steve from Westcountry Campervan has managed to squeeze me in as he is fully booked till june otherwise, thanks dude you are a hero! Savage drive, windy as hell and it was the first time i have driven it in 40 knots, bit of a hand full but all my go karting skills came to play and now fully ready for what mother nature throw's at me, also bloody salt trucks spraying my new paint work with salt good job the chassis is now covered in wax oil!
The first big trip with the new paint work, hahaha quite funny how many heads have turned, people are so used to seeing white sprinter that are all knackered, its nice to see all the hard work we have put into it is paying off.
On the way down i had to finsh the carpet on the walls as steve's mission was to do the over head cabinets and sink unit- again another mission till 3am but i was quite happy plodding away with my heater on full power
The wood i ordered was a kind of pin striped dark colour- i like it and i'm happy how it turned out, steve with a very steady hand cutting away
The first unit made and looking good- good job steve, hahaha he is smiling now but trust me 10 hours later when we finished at 6 am he wasn't, hahaha thanks Steve
kitchen unit made up mmm quite a tricky one to make this as i want  to have two double beds on the inside,  i have a rock and roll bed that slides out so the unit had to be fully custom made around my design, love it though and i have a nice sink and two hobs to sit on top!
the over head unit in each side and the sink unit in place- pimping sink that is slim and works just the way i needed it to be! we have put the units in only temporarily, as they will have to come out for the new floor and to connect the gas up! also the form arrived and the seats are pimping of course i wanted full leather but now my budget has gone so i need to just get it done! Next year i will look to up grade it  but loving the dark stealth look and i will have lots of lights and also two roof lights so it won't be to dark- also ordered some real cool disco lights that i will show at a later date!
Van done a vert- tired and broken Steve thanks dude unreal work!! Give him a call guys, very well priced and as you can see bloody good job
Big thanks for the cornish BIG STEW and his family for putting up with me for a week- thanks bro
I'm broken,it has been a hard week, late nights long mornings, had to go back as Marco is flying over to help finishing the beast so i finished with Steve at 6.30 slept for 1 hour  in the van and then worked till midday, then drove to london- so tired but i have to keep going though!!
Back off to the south coast to going and stress Matt and Stew out some more as they have had a week off from me hahah
2 weeks to go and a lot of stuff to finish !