Wow what a last month it has been, so much done on the van its broken me, I'm sorry i haven't up dated the blog for a while i have been so flat out in the work shop it's a joke, I have had a lot of messages asking when am i going to up date the blog so hear i go and sorry and thanks for following us i will try and get it all done on this massive trip across to spain on the boat and i try and post it every two days to get the blog up to date!


Im sat on the boat to Spain and with the mega van and a broken Marco close to finishing, with the beast under neath our cabin, the first time in a long time i feel relaxed, it has been a very stressfull few weeks i have had some amazing support and lots of people to thank and i will do as i go and at the end of the build!


so where do we leave it,



So the van is looking nice, the wheels are on now and its time to see a very good mate of mine John Gulhespy who runs New Wave Graphics not only does he rip at windsurfing but the guy is unreal with designs,  what ever i have in my head he makes it happen!! he helps me out with my sail stickers to flyers to pimping my ride!


I also wanted to do the logo's  while the paint is fresh and before i wax coat the paint work as once i do that the stickers will not stick!




The vision i had... 



John boys printer working its magic, quite pink but i like!! all about standing out from the crowd!



John  hard at work, kind of cool how his star tattoo goes well with the Club Vass star, ok fake window, good from far but far from good! i did a lot of sorting out in Dahab, to try and sort custom windows on line was a little tricky so i saw a vito with vinyl and went with it,  maybe next year when i make some money i will replace them with windows and also a glass roof !



Boom pimping good job john boy, its unreal how well the logo's on the van turned out I'm very happy and i have had a lot of visits on the website from people just seeing the van driving about ,one of the best advertising  banners out there, hahaha and room for more if the price is right ,




Back down to Southampton to see Matt to sort some of the inside out!
The first thing we did was build a over head storage area as in the sprinters they have a massive waste of space above your head so i decided to build a shelf as the back was always getting worked on and i had no where to store anything 
before as you can see a lot of wasted space

stripped and gutted getting ready for insulation also run a few cables for my hand free and mirror tv.




all insulated and the head board re trimmed 



shelf made up, tried my first bit of carpeting, quite easy on the flat bits whats all the fuss about hahahaha! the carpet i got of Steve who you will meet later a guy down in Cornwall who  runs west country campervans  has sold me  the 4 way stretch carpet and high temp glue at a good price! He does package deals on his website, the cheapest i could find and he is a windsurfer so he has my full support




changed the colour to be different worked out well


carbon the over head light, another new skill i have learnt on this build, i will show you guys a bit later on what else i have been up to with the carbon side of things
Then boom! the new over head locker  

one plain roof me and Matt are ready to take the carpeting skills to the next level


it is a two man job but i did manage to sneak in a photo half way

 Roof done, me and Matt did good i think i have seen a lot worse out there, looks nice with the lights , hahaha Chubbsy popped around for a brew and blagged a roast of my sister- bloody students hahahaha 

back to horsham to build my bed then a trip down to cornwall for the rest of the inside,
We will post the blog up every two days to get you guys up dated 
enjoy and if you like please join us on Facebook, twitter and share the windsurf coaching love
Colin Dixon