WHEELS are here …..

Before I put the bad boys on I'm popping back down to Eastbourne to see Rossetts, the Mercedes-Benz dealership. These guys are plotted about the South and know everything about Sprinters and Vito's. They are going to get the mega van up on the ramp and give the beast a good service as I will be covering a lot of millage it's important to keep the engine happy!! With new filters all round and first 15 litre of oil, the van is feeling the love!!!

Me and the main man, Big Sam Sparkes, the Area Sales Manger. He's windsurfer and a bloody nice guy, need a Mercedes, Sam's your man! 

After the guys @ Rossetts have done the service, Sam recommended Auto Solutions for a remap.  OK, a remap is when you plug a laptop into your vehicle's computer system and remap the fuel and air that will then give you more bhp. 

So I found out my van is 109bhp! It's the same engine as the larger Sprinter (130bhp), but just before it leaves the factory it gets remapped from 109bhp to 130bhp. After re-mapping my beast it's now an awesome 155bhp!!! Its safe and to be fair its better for your engine, more bhp means you will not be thrashing the engine and it will cruz better for longer!!

Wow what a difference, I know the van is empty but its like someone has bolted a mother turbo on to it!  

Hahah, I can brake the speed limit now and I don't pull like a tractor, do it guys its unreal!

WHEELS……….. they rocked up at Stew @Greens when I was down south 

HELL YEAH, hahhaha!!! 20 inch bad boys!!! They came from Italy and they are the biggest weight loaded wheel I could find for a Sprinter and that will take the weight!

All hubs cleaned, greased now ready for the bling!!

1st wheel on! Wow, it's transformed the van! excited!! With the weight of the build, the skirts and rear skirts it will look nice and low, I hope! So much better though!

So much better hey!!

The front is on, sik……….

Getting there, still needs the skirts on, but very happy!

I'm off on my travels now, going to work out the inside and give poor Stew some time on his own, as I have been crashing at his for the last 3 weeks! Legend, cheers Stew! 

This photo of Stew shows what the rear will look like with the rear bumper skirt, nice hey, once sprayed.

Next blog will be back to my Sisters, Paula, and see Matt for some inside love, also a trip to John @ New Waves to get it sign written!!