Hey guys still waiting for the wheels but still loving the van.

Now the Van is slowly taking shape before I put the bling bling wheels on that cost me a flight to some where hot and windy, I'm going down to Eastbourne to get the alarm and dead locks fitted!

Jeff from ifitstuff.com came highly recommended from a lot of people. He's also is a very keen and good windsurfer who has also build a camper van from a sprinter before. I have been reading his blog and its been helping me with a lot of building mine, have a look www.ifitstuff.com

So the plan is to fit a Alarm that has two settings. One with the full alarm sensors on the bonnet doors and inside, and then setting two where you can alarm the out side but the sensor Jeff put in the living area you can turn off too, so you can still set the alarm and move about inside, ideal,

Here is birthday boy cutting a hole in my new shinny door, Ouch!!!!

Now the van is safe as houses I can leave my new love in any area and not worry about it. Good job Jeff love your work atifitstuff.com

Door drilled lock in.

Inside and out done.

Rubber seal to finish it off.

Rear sliding door bad boy, no one is getting it to this beast fast!!

The Alarm is a Thatchham approved Cat 1 alarm. 

The seniors on the inside.

The senor you can turn on and off on the inside living area. 

Now the van is safe as houses i can leave my new love in any area and not worrie about it good job guy love you work at ifitstuff.com

Next up service and re mapp

Wheels arrived catch the next blog to see what they are like!