Hey guys the respray blog part 4!

Bumper and side door primed and ready to be sprayed!

Plastics now not looking like plastics! 

We took the door off as the owner before me loved slamming the seat belt in the door, so we took all the dents out, primed ready to spray. 

One new door all sprayed ready to be put back together. Stew getting stuck in!

BOOM drivers side done!

One side sprayed, bonnet on and plastics, now time to spray the sliding door side. As you can see it was a bit of a push to get the van in the spray booth, we had to deflate the rear tyres to get the beast in!!

Window about to go in

Door on the trims and now the window the van is starting to take shape!

Number plates just rocked up. K99 for my sail number and of course WSC for Wind Surf Coaching (pimping).

Front bumper on, well kind of. We quickly put the bumper on so I can get the beast back on the road. Needs some more paint and also some mesh in the grill spaces, but I will respray the bumper when I do the side skirts in a few weeks. Really happy with my new number plate and looks sik on the van!

There is the beast!! First time its been on the road for 3 weeks! New look and new plates, its a new van!!

Does need some wheels though. I had to hunt hard for some weight loaded wheels and tyres but finally I found some from Italy, which should be here next week, I hope!

Ok, the van is getting there, def needs a set of wheels and also side skirts! Now I'm off down to see Jeff down at ifitstuff.com to get the alarm and dead locks fitted!

Will post up next week what the beast looks like with a set of wheels.

Thanks for following!!!