Hey guys hope all is well

I have been a busy man with none stop 12 hour days (not down the coast :(…) in the work shop at Horsham at Greens with Stew and the Esserworks spray shop, owned by Jason and his twin brother Martin that's joined on to the end of Stew's work shop!

So we know the van has low millage, but as you saw on the first blog, the body work is very beaten up and we have got to a point now where we have to stop for the insulation, because the panel beaters have to get to the inside of the panels to beat out the dents.

The prep is the hardest part of the re-spray, as the van is massive its like spraying 3 cars at the same time.

The first thing is to do is mark all of the dents out. We decided to do one section a time.

After 3 months searching for this van I came across so many simular white vans that I decided instead of changing the colour to silver, which I originally wanted, I am going to stick with white. Reason being, that the colours on the signage will stand out more, keep the value on the van, keep the inside of the van cooler in the sun and to be honest, £1500 cheaper!!!



We took the front end apart for 2 reasons; No 1- so we can fit the van in the spray booth and No 2 - because we have a new bumper going on. 




Yeah baby!!!, all the way from Germany, the body kit has arrived!! And the front bumper looks ski!! The reason I went for a Sprinter is because they have a real good looking front end and now with this front bumper its going to be one good looking sprinter!!!

Here is a little note, guys if you ever order a body kit from abroad make sure you tell them your car is a right hand side as I made that mistake and they sent me side skirts for a sliding door for the right side, where my van is on the left!!! Good job I have Stew who has fitted many body kits before and I hope will able to sort my skirts out at some point, mmmm may have to wait for these to be put on at a later date.




Bumper prep and De-badge.




The first trip to the spray booth to prime the bumper side plastics and front bonnet. 



Ok, remember this ??? blog one




Now look, good work Genty!!!!! like new.




Getting every tiny little dent.




Stew cutting a hole for the window. The plan is to have two windows, the other side window will be sliding for ventilation when I'm cooking up a storm in my kitchen!!!




So straight!!! Better than if it came out of the factory you could draw a straight line off that edge after Stew has finished with it -UNREAL , Good job Stew!!!! 




Martin putting in lots of labor of love, good lad!




Hahah loving the weather!!! Good time to have no doors but van prepped and ready to go into the spray booth.



All masked up!!!! and ready to be sprayed.

I will post what it came out like by the end of the weekend thats when i hope to have it all sorted!


Colin Whippy D