Ok guys loving the van - I have got my self some temp insurance at the moment because it is classed as a panel van and I will convert it to a Motorhome vehicle by the end of the mission with the DVLA.

Loving driving the van about, I'm not sure what it is, maybe it's when you step UP into the driving seat and looking DOWN on other drivers, but it feels nice to drive. Yes it's a bus, its bloody massive and I won't be hand braking this bad boy about. It's definitely not my Rotax go kart!!!  However, cruising down the motor way is fine and enjoyable even in the lanes its good, the van is sweet, no noise, runs real nice!! Thanks Stew at Green's ARC, hero!!!

Off to see my Sister and her lovely family back down South to sort out the insulation and the plan for the inside with my brother in law, Matt, who is a legend handy man and who should of been on the A- team. Handy to know for all your electrical works!!! (matt@prioirtyoneengineering.co.uk)

First thing was to work out what sort of installation i needed. I did lots of research into what most high end camper vans, motor homes and van conversions used, and i decided to start with foil that is like Celetex but a lot easier to use and go's in tricky places a lot easier. This stuff reflects the heat from both ways, so when its hot outside of the van in a hot place it will keep it cool inside. Also being a white van it will help, when its cold outside it will keep the heat inside of the van, happy days!


Then the 2nd insulation we put in on the side of the van is 50mm Celetex. Cutting the stuff and making the templates for the holes is a bit of a mission but its well worth the effort! This stuff is really going to insulate the van! The plan is to build the van to a 5 star quality.


To finish the insulation we sealed the Celetex with foil tape



Matt was really excited about cutting holes in the beast, so we waited for a few clear days and then started cutting for the roof vents.

I went for two vents - one big one with a thermostat in the front above the living area, and a smaller vent in the back above the king size bed.

Sparks are flying…..



The roof lights have to be reinforced with wood so it takes the strain of the van its self



Laying the wire's for the lighting 

Ply around where the vents going



Vent is sealed, ply is up -  happy days!!!


Starting to take shape inside and doing it myself with Matt I know its been done to a high standard!!

OK, we now have a roof and the van is starting to become warm! Back up to Stew's to start on the body work!  We can not insulated the walls as I need to get some panel work done first to get all the dents out and then fit the bad boy body kit!!  Finally, give the van a full re-spray. 

I will post up the body work part next week