Hi guys its Colin welcome to the mega van blog and happy new year i wish every one the best for 2013,

This xmas and the next few months i have been doing something real different for me, instead of cruising around the world finding wind and searching for waves I'm staying in the uk to try my skills in building a mega van, every since i traveled in Perth in 2000 and built my first van with a mate of mine Luke out of stuff from b & Q, i always wanted to build and nice van, so here is the place to watch my mission i will keep this blog up dated as much as pos. 

Ok The Misssion is to build a mega van to tour around Europe with Marco as a WindSurfCoaching tour stopping in a few spots to will get to Vass spreading the windsurf coaching love

Im starting this blog because any one who knows me knows i haven't SHUT up about the Van, so this is for all my mates to see how the beast get put together

After doing my research i have decided to build the van my self with my very talanted mates, cheers Matt, Stu, Russ,and all the rest that will help on my travels, i think doing it this way i will build the van to my spec, i know it will be done to every little detail and not bodge! 

The van……

I got a hell deal on the van i have been searching on line since i left Vass in Sep, After me and Marco spent 5 weeks touring around the uk in the Boardwise van ,we decided to get a windsurf coaching van and do it in style next year and stop sleeping on everyone sofa's (thanks for all theses guys too) 

As you can see the van looks nackered it was a charity van so 1 owner low millage and its only 2009, but  the problem is,  its just had a few rookies who just past there driving test driving about surrey (south London) collection cloths, that is kind bonus as i know it hasn't had lots of heaver weight in it!!! not like a builders van full of bricks.

Even tho the out side looks nackered the engine and the rest of the van has really just been run in, 87000 miles for a sprinter is not very much these bass boys go for ever, i hope hahahha 

1st visit to Greens works shop to see the hero Stu.


As you can see the sliding door won't open but is pretty much hanging off!

HELL YEAH i have a van real happy let the fun begin! 

Stu's workshop

The first thing was to strip the whole of the inside as it was one of the most dirtyest van i have ever seen, none of the back doors or sliding door didn't open because there was so much rubbish in them, we found a Tom Tom that was a pretty cool (cash back) we took all the seats out and the factory fitted floor cleaned and steamed cleaned.

Pretty Dirty!

Steam clean the whole lot and attacked any specs of rust, you would of thought a 3 year old van would be like new, Wow was i wrong!

Wax oil everything, after we striped everything under the steps all of the door seals and the floor
As being a windsurfing van I'm 99% sure there will be a lots of wet salt water lying on the steps and after a while it will rot the van, this is what any windsurfer or surfer should do THIS when they build a van or put a rack in the back,
Wax oil is the daddy, gives you van a extra coating of protection!!!

Stu wax oiling the step that had a bin's worth of rubbish in it!!

All cleaned after two days of cleaning time to start putting it all back together. 

Swivel seat, hell yeah!

The plan is to have two front seats that will turn to the back, It will open up the back, the van will sit by law 4 people , but when doing a vid debrief on a beach over a beer or a cup of tea it should seat 7 in comfort. 

We have do all the safety checks sorted the tracking topped up the oil gave it a good made sure its safe now off to go and sort out the insulation down south with my brother in law Matty boy,

i will try and post every day because I'm back tracking at the moment but i hope to bring it all up to date asap but the van is starting to take shape.

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Cheers Colin 

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