Windsurf Coaching was started as a joint effort between Colin 'Whippy' Dixon and Marco 'Dancing' Wedele. Using the newest and best techniques and equipment they use their combined experience* to give you the ultimate windsurf coaching experience. This website was created to keep up to date with them, check the upcoming coaching clinics, ask any windsurfing related questions and sell their new DVD (more on that below). 

*more coaching hours than Alex Ferguson (that may a little exaggeration) but they've done a lot over the last ten years.

Colin ‘Whippy’ Dixon and Marco ‘Dancing’ Wedele have teamed up to bring you their ultimate new instructional DVD. The idea behind it is to bring different angles to the sport, to perhaps re-think the way you learn a maneuver. They aren’t re-designing the wheel, but what they are doing is using all the modern tools we have available to help you visualize the move better and in turn learn faster.