Hey everyone,

Its been a very exciting year for us and WindSurfCoaching were just finishing our 2nd European tour and we're back to the UK for our weekend tour around the UK!

The European tour started with an early event in Tenerife, we where meant to be going to Dahab but sadly the trip got cancelled two days before because of political reasons (shame). But we did find an unreal place for intro into waves, the place rocks with three options of waves, from beginner wave sailing to hard core. It's only a 4 hour flight and you fly directly to the spot which is ideal, the flights are sometimes cheaper than filling up the van to drive down the coast. We are planning to do a few trips next year so please contact us for more info.


Playfull waves out at the spot where the centre is.

Colin and Adam Lewis sharing the same wave just up wind of the harbour wall

Next stop, UK to pick up the mega Van and on to Austria for the Surf World Cup.

The Surf World Cup brings some of the most talented, stylish, legends windsurfers in the world together for an amazing Event With amazing parties! We have been competing here for years and this time round we went there to support with some coaching and spreading some windsurf coaching love in Austria.


Camp Windsurfcoaching

Mr Tonky Frans taking 2nd in the event with his pure style this guy is an amazing ambassador for windsurfing, Hero!

Back on the road down to Italy then a boat trip across to the lovely Island of Sardina, it was the first time for us and WOW what a place, we had a real nice bunch of people on the course and the centre and conditions where unreal, the spot has flat water on 1 side and waves on the other.
The centre we use is Porto Pollo and it's in the perfect place. We are big fans! Good vibes and wind every day, real nice staff and the food was amazing.

We have already planned the trip back next year, we are planning a week at the centre, and 2 trips on 50 foot sailing yachts, touring around the island finding the perfect spots to sail. Watch out next news letter for more info!


MMMM windy and mmmm no one here really ?? hahha yep paradise and only us on the water welcome to the flat water side.


Marco playing in the swell!

Back onto the boat across back to the mainland with a quick weekend Course in Vieste, South Italy.


Colin coaching as the Italians soaking up the knowledge

Long Boat Trip To Vassiliki 

Back to Vass and its an end of a era!!!

Our last season at Club Vass finally hanging up the harness, With over 20 years of coaching between us. We have been travelling the world and had some amazing times with Club Vass, both being managers at most of the centres.

WSC is getting so busy we have decided to go full time, but of course hoping one day we will be back running windsurf coaching clinics there.


Colin and Dave White having fun in speed week

After another great summer in Vass we are now back in the UK very excited about the UK tour and Brazil as we will be running clinics year by year in Brazil with them all pretty much sold out.

The summer is slowly coming to an end here in England, but the windy season over here has just began!!

First stop was at the NWF! So many keen, happy and enthusiastic windsurfers at the NWF on Hayling Island, which once again was a great weekend. Although there hasn’t been any wind, It's still good to see that there is a lot of interest for windsurfing!


Colin and Marco at the NWF

The First stop Essex, the only way is Essex with Wet and Dry down at Southend.

After last years unreal two days of wind at the Ray , we where very excited about what Essex had to offer this year and yep, the weather was perfect, two days of sunshine and wind.


A Bit of muscle memory before the tide came in for the afternoon session

Next Stop Cornwall where we will run our first intro into waves clinic at Daymer Bay at the end of the month!

The Dates for the rest of the Uk tour and also our amazing Clinics abroad all the way up until next summer are now out!!!

Any more info or any questions please contact us directly on info@windsurfcoaching.com!!

Hope to see you all soon

Big windsurf coaching love

Colin and Marco