Pizza, pasta, flat water, wind and amazing atmosphere is what Sardinia is all about and why we keep going back!

With 7 days out 7 for wind (and partying) this year did not disappoint. Sardinia is a bit of an enigma in Italy, its just such a friendly laid back place with none of the snobbery of some of the other well-known spots. The centre we use, Porto Pollo just enhances that feeling.

We happened to coincide with Germany’s biggest holiday of the year so really struggled for accommodation and ended up a little bit away from the town, meaning a 10 minute journey to the beach, but we have already secured some amazing accommodation right on the beach for next year: Each newly built chalet has sea views and is equipped with all you’ll need. Have a look at the website

Now to the windsurfing; we had 9 guests and on day 1 the wind was a whopping 45 knots, perfect for dusting off the cobwebs!! I was hanging on to a 4.2 and all the guys gave it a go and it’s fair to say took a bit of a beating!

Day 2 the wind was a bit lighter, much more manageable 4.7 weather and we had a good 3 hour session followed by a bit of a beer session, meaning day 3 was a bit of a wash out for the guys who all strangely fancied a day off, after all who wants to bother with a 5.3 day??

By day 4 we were back to full power 4.2 weather, Andy entertained us all with a hell of a catapult and did his ribs in, meanwhile Paul was suffering from a RDI on his knee from the antics the night before so we were men down but it didn’t stop the rest of us from enjoying the day.

The rest of the week was more 4.2 and 4.7 weather, a perfect windy week leading up to our party night on Saturday, there may have been a few sore heads on the flight home after we introduced the Italians to Jagerbombs (other alcohol drinks are available) and blew the place apart.

I am now on my way to pick up some more new toys in Tarifa then catch my boat of Tuesday to Lanzarote to meet Tonky Franz for our clinic!

Look forward to seeing you all on the water soon.