A great week in Lanzarote

by Colin Dixon
on July 11, 2016
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We had a great week in Lanzarote, with varied conditions meaning we could work on lots of different skills and even snuck in a cheeky surf and SUP.


We set up at Antxon Otaegui’s Pro Centre in Playa De Las Cucharas: www.procenterlanzarote.com. The centre is ideally placed with a great atmosphere and offers exceptional rescue cover and safety which is quite rare to come across in the Canaries.


Antxon is a great guy and an awesome windsurfer; ex-EFPT champion and 3rd in the world at freestyle in 2009/2010. Next year we are going to be bringing Antxon on board with Tonky as well for the clinic.


There are lots of great accommodation options super close to the beach, with a 2 bed apartment costing approximately 50Euro per night.


The prevailing wind is cross-shore with port tack jumping, it’s not out and out wave riding but great for bump and jump.


On the first day we had some 6.5m weather al day giving us 5 hours of blasting control, a perfect way to start the week and easy ourselves in. The next day it was a bit windier and we ranged from a 5.3m to 5.9m, getting in some more blasting control and little bump and jump. Day 3 was perfect bump and jump conditions with most of the guys on 5.0m’s.


Day 4 we didn’t sail but it definitely was not a wasted day, Antxon very kindly leant us his car and we took a trip to the other side of the island for some surf and SUP. It was epic, we had so much fun and didn’t realize how long we were out resulting in some pretty red Brits abroad!

 The week could not have ended any better with 2 more days of 5m weather!

Sardinia smashes it again!

by Colin Dixon
on June 07, 2016
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Pizza, pasta, flat water, wind and amazing atmosphere is what Sardinia is all about and why we keep going back!

With 7 days out 7 for wind (and partying) this year did not disappoint. Sardinia is a bit of an enigma in Italy, its just such a friendly laid back place with none of the snobbery of some of the other well-known spots. The centre we use, Porto Pollo just enhances that feeling.

We happened to coincide with Germany’s biggest holiday of the year so really struggled for accommodation and ended up a little bit away from the town, meaning a 10 minute journey to the beach, but we have already secured some amazing accommodation right on the beach for next year: Each newly built chalet has sea views and is equipped with all you’ll need. Have a look at the website http://www.isoladeigabbiani.it/en/paradise-suite.html.

Now to the windsurfing; we had 9 guests and on day 1 the wind was a whopping 45 knots, perfect for dusting off the cobwebs!! I was hanging on to a 4.2 and all the guys gave it a go and it’s fair to say took a bit of a beating!

Day 2 the wind was a bit lighter, much more manageable 4.7 weather and we had a good 3 hour session followed by a bit of a beer session, meaning day 3 was a bit of a wash out for the guys who all strangely fancied a day off, after all who wants to bother with a 5.3 day??

By day 4 we were back to full power 4.2 weather, Andy entertained us all with a hell of a catapult and did his ribs in, meanwhile Paul was suffering from a RDI on his knee from the antics the night before so we were men down but it didn’t stop the rest of us from enjoying the day.

The rest of the week was more 4.2 and 4.7 weather, a perfect windy week leading up to our party night on Saturday, there may have been a few sore heads on the flight home after we introduced the Italians to Jagerbombs (other alcohol drinks are available) and blew the place apart.

I am now on my way to pick up some more new toys in Tarifa then catch my boat of Tuesday to Lanzarote to meet Tonky Franz for our clinic!

Look forward to seeing you all on the water soon.

Maui, the Hawaiian Dream!

by Colin Dixon
on May 31, 2016
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Anyone who has been windsurfing over the last 20 years has seen endless videos and pictures of the likes of Robby Naish back in the day, up to Kai Lenny and these other young guns riding perfect waves in stunning locations on Maui. For me, like most windsurfers, it has always been on the bucket list to sail there and I finally managed to tick it off thanks to my amazing new sponsors. At the end of last summer I joined the Goya family and was invited over to Maui to meet the guys. This is the most excited I have been about a trip for a long time and it didn’t disappoint.


I always like to check out a new location before organizing a clinic there to get a feel for the place, find the best spots and figure out the kind of level its appropriate for. So I just took a few guys who’s sailing is solid, we had Steveo from the Channel Islands and the two Northern lads, Dan and Al. It was great group, we were in tears laughing everyday and they did the UK proud on the water.

We stayed just above Ho’okipa in Haiku, a very green area just back from the coast (Maui is expensive and staying away from the coast helped to keep cost reasonable). The accommodation was lovely, there are 3 or 4 blocks together so perfect for a larger group next year! Everywhere we sailed on the Maui North Coast is within 15 minutes of where we stayed.

As soon as we arrived we are thrown in to the Maui lifestyle, “Maui midnight” is 8pm so we were early to bed and early to rise at 6am, like kids on Christmas morning. We headed straight for the Goya/ Quattro shop to collect my kit and within 30 minutes we bump into Riccardo Campello with Pio the owner of MFC fins (another exciting new sponsor), met the shop staff; Pasko, Jay and Vicky, then Gollito rocks up with another awesome freestyler Amado, whilst Keith Taboul is kicking about shaping some boards! It’s like a surreal windsurfers dream! I get my kit, the guys grab theirs and we start to check out the beaches.


Of course we start at the famous Ho’okipa Beach Park (also the closes spot to our accommodation), Ho’okipa is a unique break, it looks epic on videos for sure but they don’t really do it justice, the wave is super powerful, even head high if you get it wrong you know about it! If you lose your kit it’s on the rocks and that’s no fun. Full. On!

Next beach along is mini Ho’okipa, then Sprecks; onshore wind, great for jumping and nice safe bay. Just down the coast from Sprecks is Camp 1 (only accessible by water), this is where most of the photo shoots form the kit brochures takes place.

Finally we hit Kanaha, this quickly became our favourite spot. Kanaha Beach Park has a massive grassy rigging area, showers and BBQs and 150 metres of flat water before you hit the outer reefs. The sailing is divided into two breaks. The upwind break, the aptly named Uppers and the downwind reef, Lowers. Uppers is quietly gnarly, big and inconsistent. There is good jumping, not so good riding but worth a go just to get the adrenaline pumping! Lowers is pretty close to wave riding perfection, cross to cross off, line after line of nice sized, peeling waves (up to 10 turns on a wave).

We also explored a bit of the South Shore, meaning we got 14 days out of 14 on the water. When the wind was too light to sail on the North coast, the South coast has a local effect where the wind is funneled between to mountains so we still got to sail on 4.2 and 4.5, some flat water and some waves.


My most memorable day was the massive swell day. I got to the Goya shop to get myself a small board and bumped into Levi Siver and Marcillo Brown, as you do, who were both super excited talking about the swell, that’s when you know its on! We arrive at Ho’okipa and it is pumping, double mast high. In Maui you are not allowed on the water before 11am so everyone is ready on the beach, chomping at the bit to get out there. It’s a bit too fruity for us but we stayed and watched for an hour, long enough to watch Jason Polakow smacking the lip and get washed on the rocks twice!

We went back to Kanaha and had the sail of our lives at Lowers with some mast and half sets coming through. I can’t lie, I got a few rinsing but nothing compared to what it would have been at Ho’okipa. We broke ourselves sailing for three hours and decided to go back and watch the pros at Ho’okipa.

When we got there, there were cameras everywhere, helicopters overhead and so many big names out there ripping, all the JP boys, Goya and Quattro team, Levi sending wave 360s and takas and Browzinio as well. It was really unbelievable to watch so much talent.

Then we heard that Jaws was working, which is such a treat as it only works about six times a year. We had to make our way down a little track, then over a hill we glimpse a crumble of white water and the first thing we see when we get to the look out is Graham Ezzy dropping in on a triple mast high beast! Bubble, Van Broekhoven and Ruennes are watching too (they’ve been to Maui 6 times and never seen it working). From the top of the cliff the wave looks huge but once we walked down to the bottom is almost impossibly large and sounds like thunder. The swell was unexpected so there are no jet skis and no rescue cover, the guys are having to launch through mast high shore dump, breaking on to man-size boulders!

Out on the water is Thomas Traversa, the wave world champ and winner of the Red Bull Storm Chase, he’s hitting the lip of Jaws so late, making proper aerials back on to the wave, its insane. The guy only weighs 63kg and his balls must weigh 5kg each!

This was only day 4! We’ve already met Robby Naish, Jason Polakow, seen Jaws, sailed some over mast high sets, been gunning down the line! What more could you want? Oh yea, sail Ho’okipa….


We had been watching Hookipa for about 10 days and had rarely seen it less than mast high, but I could not come to Maui and not sail it and the boys were keen. As I mentioned, it’s a powerful wave and it is also a tricky place to sail because of the rip that takes to towards the rocks, of course you can not swim against it, you have to swim towards the rocks and then the rip pushes you out into the channel. Now, being on a WSC course we studied this place for many hours, watching all the good guys (and also all the guys that didn’t have a clue) and so we knew all the rips, when to wait for the sets and how to launch, we were set to go! 

The key is for your first time is to get to the beach early and be ready to go on the water at 11, as there is not really much of a tide in Maui so when its windy you can sail all day. Also the locals are making boards and sails or testing so normally they wouldn’t come down until about lunchtime, leaving the water relatively empty. We saw our window and went for it: Dan set off first towards the channel and made it, Big Al was up next and made it too! It was now my chance and for sure I had to make it out because my students had done it, one lucky gust I was out back, mast high, Ho’okipa! Both boys and myself took some bombs, we sailed for a hour or so before it started to get busy.

A friend who had just joint us for the 1st day sailing there and was not on the course had just thought it was like any other beach ended up on rocks straight away and had to stump up a 2000$ kit bill, ouch! That’s why it’s always better to join us!

I was so proud of the guys not just for sailing it, but for doing it with style! Good job lads!

Maui is incredible, expensive sure, but the pinnacle of windsurfing, definitely has to be done at least once if you can.

I will be arranging a clinic there next year and will be taking advanced sailors, capable of sailing small wave boards but by no means should that put off intermediates from going to Maui, there are plenty of friendly spots that are well worth a visit.


Video coming soon, stay posted!


Some Costs:


Flights with KLM £850 return

Maui Van Hire: £12 per day per head – enough room for all four of us with kit

Maui Windsurf Company: £500 for 2 weeks kit rental.

WSC dates for 2015/2016

by Colin Dixon
on February 01, 2016
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Tenerife — Feb 20th - 27th  intro to waves & jumping control 

Tenerife — March 1st - 8th intro to waves & jumping control  

Tenerife — March 13th - 20th intro to waves & jumping control  

Tenerife — March 20th - 27th intro to waves & jumping control 

Maui — April 20th - 24th intro to waves (looping)

Sardinia — May 15th - 21st Free ride Advanced/intermediate  

Sardinia — May 22nd - 28th  Free ride, Advanced/intermediate  

Lanzarote — June 12 - 18th jumping control with TONKY FRANS

Tenerife — July 10th - 17th intro to waves 

Ireland — Sept 10th - 16th intro to waves 

Ireland — Sept  17th - 24th intro to waves 

Croatia BOAT TRIP Oct 1st - 8th bump and jump 

Croatia BOAT TRIP Oct 8th - 15th  bump and jump 

Uk weekend clinics TBC Oct 22nd -23rd — Oct 29th - 30th

Brazil Jeri —Nov 26th - Dec 4th

Brazil Jeri — Dec 11th -18th

Brazil Jeri — Jan 7th - 15th


Windsurf Coaching invites you to RECHARGE

by Colin Dixon
on June 16, 2015
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October 3rd until October 17th 2015 (2 weeks) – you can choose the week

The special windsurfing boat trip experience on the Croatian coast starting in Split for one week we will search for the best conditions for windsurfing and SUP (stand up paddle).

Meanwhile we will be discussing all windsurfing questions, experience beautiful Croatian landscape, fish, enjoy the sea and the party.


With the start in Split we will be with the boat between Šibenik and Dubrovnik. According to the wind forecast we will move in different spots around the islands.


  • Colin and Marco from Windsurf Coaching
  • Tine Slabe (one of the best overall windsurfers and ex PWA racer)
  • Toni Bulic (the local guide and good mood bringer)
  • The crew (captain, sailor, cook)
  • and 12 guests


  • Accommodation in twin cabins

  • Shared bathroom and toilet facilities

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Air conditioning in below deck area

Price for 1 week:


  • One week of cruising towards the islands of Hvar, Korcula, Vis and other destinations (depending on wind)

  • Flexibility regarding itinerary

  • 7 nights accommodation in twin cabins

  • Shared bathroom and toilet facilities

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Air conditioning in below deck area

  • Captain & Sailors Team as your local guides

  • Coaching with WSC + presence of Tine Slabe

  • Local guide Toni Bulic

  • Full board (breakfast, lunch & dinner)

  • Equipment: including windsurf and SUP

  • Organization and local transfers

Total: 1650 EUR


  • Flight; estimated from London to Split return = 100 EUR
  • Alcohol drinks - you can bring also your own

For more info:

colin@windsurfcoaching.com / marco@windsurfcoaching.com / info@recharge.si

2015 Tour Dates

by Colin Dixon
on June 16, 2015
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Newsletter June 2015 including WSC dates for 2015/2016

by Colin Dixon
on June 04, 2015
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This year many changes for us here at WSC,

So for the first time in 12 years Colin has the summer away from Vass with a special one off on the forecast intro to waves over a long weekend in Tenerife, more info later, Marco will be beach manger in Vass for club Vass so if you out there please say come and say hi,

This year we have some amazing trips planned, we have finally found a boat trip that will fit every one budget , also another trip to the amazing Sardinia again in September , a Dutch clinic, and to end the year Brazil the windiest place in the world.


Report from Italy Sardinia May 2015

Wow an amazing start for 2015, we had a really good bunch of guests, it’s thanks to you guys why we love our job!

We had two levels in Italy intermediates and Advance With people cracking there first water starts all the way to getting in both foot straps.
The higher group were amazing well after a week with us anyway, from heli tacks (level5 heli tacks) in strong wind to carve gybes and duck gybes.
The vibe at Porto pollo surf school is so friendly with the best kit money can buy and located in the best spot on the bay with flat water one side and 2 mins walk with your kit you get wind blown chop waves.

We heading back for a cheeky week in the End of Sept, the flights are cheap and only a few hours’ limited spaces please contact asap if you would like to join us for another fantastic time.

Customer feed back

Hi Colin, thank you for the great experience & fantastic company. It was an amazing trip to Italy which I will never forget. Really nice buddys in the clinic, nice conditions, a very well sorted and structured tuition and overwhelming parties. You have done a great Job since I have learned so much which will now help me to improve & get started with new moves.

It is not that easy as it looks to be coach but you did a fantastic Job as well as Marco! Back on the Island I am already practising again at 4 Bft NW with my Wave SUP & 5,3 Sail! Since it has been such a nice experience I will join some of your clinics again of course!

Hope to see you soon out on the water! Hang loose & have a safe journey to Teneriffa! Ahoi Flo Rider!



Summer in Tenerife

Ok so this is how it work’s

Flights are cheap and easy the plan is to do a 3 day clinic intro to waves and jumping control,

Leave the UK Thursday night and return Sunday night we would look at the forecast over two weekend and send out a mail from the mailing list a week before, so no need for booking lots of holidays just one day (sickie) ??

+447733101102 please phone or text or mail me if you interested.



Boat Trip Croatia

The special windsurfing boat trip experience on the Croatian coast starting in Split for one week we will search for the best conditions for windsurfing and SUP (stand up paddle). Meanwhile we will be discussing all windsurfing questions, experience beautiful Croatian landscape, fish, enjoy the sea and the party.



Clinic Dates 2015/16

June 12th – Aug 4th Tenerife

Aug 22nd– 23rd Brouwersdam

Sept 12th-13th Essex wet & dry

Sept 19th- 27th Sardina Italy

Oct 3rd -10th Croatia boat trip

Oct 10th -17th Croatia boat trip

Oct 24th-25th West Kirby

Oct 31st -1st Nov Rhosneigr

Nov 14th-22nd Jeri Brazil

Dec 12th -20th Jeri Brazil

Jan 9th – 16th Jeri Brazil



The difference with WindSurfCoaching

With years of traveling and competing around the world you get the full local experience, showing you all the local spots , hanging out with all the local pro’s making sure you see stuff that you would not get on any other trips ,

With Video coaching , photos, head zone helmet audio , having more than one coach we can happily split the groups so you get all the attention you need,

We try are hardest to bring you the best deal possible

We pick the best centers with the best kit so im sorry to say you can not blame the kit!


If you have any questions all my contact details are below.

Have an amazing summer and hope to see you on a beach soon xxx Colin Whippy Dixon


Any questions please ask

Email. info@windsurfcoaching.com

Phone. +447733101102



WindSurf Coaching _ Last 2014 UK tour date at Rhosneiger this weekend

by Colin Dixon
on October 13, 2014
with 0 comments

Last chance to catch Wind Surf Coaching on our last UK tour date at Rhosneiger. The forecast is for wind all weekend, a good chance to try to get into waves for the first time all the way to the first FORWARD LOOP.

Rhosneiger is a fantastic, safe place to teach, from water starts to getting some air. One of Colin’s favourite spots in the UK. 


Here is a Video at the event last year!     https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=740045119384524&set=vb.249777025078005&type=2&theater


Have a look at the weather forecast, looking good, classic Rhosneigr!   http://www.windguru.cz/int/index.php?sc=47842&sty=m_menu


To let the guys know you're coming please contact us via the website as places are going fast………  http://windsurfcoaching.com/collections/upcoming-windsurf-coaching-clinics/products/windsurf-coaching-2014-tour-funsport-rhosneiger



After the the UK tour the boys are heading off to Brazil for 3 more clinics!!! 

If you would like some guaranteed winter sun, wind, easy waves or perfect flat water and want to meet like-minded windsurfers from around the globe in a truly laid back and peaceful destination, join us for a trip of a lifetime. Just pack board shorts and a rash vest, leave the wet suit in UK you won’t need it ! contact us for info @ info@windsurfcoaching.com


Also news on the flights to Sardina, currently they are £65 pounds from Easy Jet http://www.easyjet.com/EN/Booking.mvc

(London Gatwick to Olbia (Sardinia) 9th to the 16th of May Freeride Clinic + 17th-24th and 25th to 31st of may Boat trips!



An Exciting Year for Windsurf Coaching

by Colin Dixon
on September 19, 2014
with 6 comments

Hey everyone,

Its been a very exciting year for us and WindSurfCoaching were just finishing our 2nd European tour and we're back to the UK for our weekend tour around the UK!

The European tour started with an early event in Tenerife, we where meant to be going to Dahab but sadly the trip got cancelled two days before because of political reasons (shame). But we did find an unreal place for intro into waves, the place rocks with three options of waves, from beginner wave sailing to hard core. It's only a 4 hour flight and you fly directly to the spot which is ideal, the flights are sometimes cheaper than filling up the van to drive down the coast. We are planning to do a few trips next year so please contact us for more info.


Playfull waves out at the spot where the centre is.

Colin and Adam Lewis sharing the same wave just up wind of the harbour wall

Next stop, UK to pick up the mega Van and on to Austria for the Surf World Cup.

The Surf World Cup brings some of the most talented, stylish, legends windsurfers in the world together for an amazing Event With amazing parties! We have been competing here for years and this time round we went there to support with some coaching and spreading some windsurf coaching love in Austria.


Camp Windsurfcoaching

Mr Tonky Frans taking 2nd in the event with his pure style this guy is an amazing ambassador for windsurfing, Hero!

Back on the road down to Italy then a boat trip across to the lovely Island of Sardina, it was the first time for us and WOW what a place, we had a real nice bunch of people on the course and the centre and conditions where unreal, the spot has flat water on 1 side and waves on the other.
The centre we use is Porto Pollo and it's in the perfect place. We are big fans! Good vibes and wind every day, real nice staff and the food was amazing.

We have already planned the trip back next year, we are planning a week at the centre, and 2 trips on 50 foot sailing yachts, touring around the island finding the perfect spots to sail. Watch out next news letter for more info!


MMMM windy and mmmm no one here really ?? hahha yep paradise and only us on the water welcome to the flat water side.


Marco playing in the swell!

Back onto the boat across back to the mainland with a quick weekend Course in Vieste, South Italy.


Colin coaching as the Italians soaking up the knowledge

Long Boat Trip To Vassiliki 

Back to Vass and its an end of a era!!!

Our last season at Club Vass finally hanging up the harness, With over 20 years of coaching between us. We have been travelling the world and had some amazing times with Club Vass, both being managers at most of the centres.

WSC is getting so busy we have decided to go full time, but of course hoping one day we will be back running windsurf coaching clinics there.


Colin and Dave White having fun in speed week

After another great summer in Vass we are now back in the UK very excited about the UK tour and Brazil as we will be running clinics year by year in Brazil with them all pretty much sold out.

The summer is slowly coming to an end here in England, but the windy season over here has just began!!

First stop was at the NWF! So many keen, happy and enthusiastic windsurfers at the NWF on Hayling Island, which once again was a great weekend. Although there hasn’t been any wind, It's still good to see that there is a lot of interest for windsurfing!


Colin and Marco at the NWF

The First stop Essex, the only way is Essex with Wet and Dry down at Southend.

After last years unreal two days of wind at the Ray , we where very excited about what Essex had to offer this year and yep, the weather was perfect, two days of sunshine and wind.


A Bit of muscle memory before the tide came in for the afternoon session

Next Stop Cornwall where we will run our first intro into waves clinic at Daymer Bay at the end of the month!

The Dates for the rest of the Uk tour and also our amazing Clinics abroad all the way up until next summer are now out!!!

Any more info or any questions please contact us directly on info@windsurfcoaching.com!!

Hope to see you all soon

Big windsurf coaching love

Colin and Marco





Windsurf Coaching Mega Van Blog #9

by Colin Dixon
on April 09, 2013
with 361 comments


ITs bloody snowing again and i woke up in horsham, the van was snowed in and I'm on a time scale, ahhhh bloody weather, i have to leave for Cornwall as Steve from Westcountry Campervan has managed to squeeze me in as he is fully booked till june otherwise, thanks dude you are a hero! Savage drive, windy as hell and it was the first time i have driven it in 40 knots, bit of a hand full but all my go karting skills came to play and now fully ready for what mother nature throw's at me, also bloody salt trucks spraying my new paint work with salt good job the chassis is now covered in wax oil!
The first big trip with the new paint work, hahaha quite funny how many heads have turned, people are so used to seeing white sprinter that are all knackered, its nice to see all the hard work we have put into it is paying off.
On the way down i had to finsh the carpet on the walls as steve's mission was to do the over head cabinets and sink unit- again another mission till 3am but i was quite happy plodding away with my heater on full power
The wood i ordered was a kind of pin striped dark colour- i like it and i'm happy how it turned out, steve with a very steady hand cutting away
The first unit made and looking good- good job steve, hahaha he is smiling now but trust me 10 hours later when we finished at 6 am he wasn't, hahaha thanks Steve
kitchen unit made up mmm quite a tricky one to make this as i want  to have two double beds on the inside,  i have a rock and roll bed that slides out so the unit had to be fully custom made around my design, love it though and i have a nice sink and two hobs to sit on top!
the over head unit in each side and the sink unit in place- pimping sink that is slim and works just the way i needed it to be! we have put the units in only temporarily, as they will have to come out for the new floor and to connect the gas up! also the form arrived and the seats are pimping of course i wanted full leather but now my budget has gone so i need to just get it done! Next year i will look to up grade it  but loving the dark stealth look and i will have lots of lights and also two roof lights so it won't be to dark- also ordered some real cool disco lights that i will show at a later date!
Van done a vert- tired and broken Steve thanks dude unreal work!! Give him a call guys, very well priced and as you can see bloody good job
Big thanks for the cornish BIG STEW and his family for putting up with me for a week- thanks bro
I'm broken,it has been a hard week, late nights long mornings, had to go back as Marco is flying over to help finishing the beast so i finished with Steve at 6.30 slept for 1 hour  in the van and then worked till midday, then drove to london- so tired but i have to keep going though!!
Back off to the south coast to going and stress Matt and Stew out some more as they have had a week off from me hahah
2 weeks to go and a lot of stuff to finish !

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