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Welcome to Windsurf Coaching. Colin and Marco are offering  Coaching tips, Merchandise, DVD's and Downloads and even our own little Online Shop! 


WSC Dates 2016/17

Tenerife — Feb 20th - 27th  intro to waves & jumping control 

Tenerife — March 1st - 8th intro to waves & jumping control  

Tenerife — March 13th - 20th intro to waves & jumping control  

Tenerife — March 20th - 27th intro to waves & jumping control 

Maui — April 20th - 24th intro to waves (looping)

Sardinia — May 15th - 21st Free ride Advanced/intermediate  

Sardinia — May 22nd - 28th  Free ride, Advanced/intermediate  

Lanzarote — June 12 - 18th jumping control with TONKY FRANS

Tenerife — July 10th - 17th intro to waves 

Ireland — Sept 10th - 16th intro to waves 

Ireland — Sept  17th - 24th intro to waves 

Croatia BOAT TRIP Oct 1st - 8th bump and jump 

Croatia BOAT TRIP Oct 8th - 15th  bump and jump 

Uk weekend clinics TBC Oct 22nd -23rd — Oct 29th - 30th

Brazil Jeri —Nov 26th - Dec 4th

Brazil Jeri — Dec 11th -18th

Brazil Jeri — Jan 7th - 15th





Thank you so much for such an awesome week. It was honestly the best experience I've had in years and I'm incredibly grateful to you both for everything. I can't find a link on your testimonials page but I'd like to contribute as you went so far above and beyond my expectations. Initially I was uncertain as to whether WSC was the right choice and I was only going to come out for a long weekend. After one day on the water with you I knew I had made the right decision. The hotel, the kit, the location, the people, the coaching... I could babble on for ages about how perfect everything was, but I think this is reflected in the fact that I changed my flight and actually ended up staying out longer than you guys! Seriously I would have no hesitation about coming on another WSC holiday, in fact I will actively look to go on another one and would happily recommend to anyone. To give some perspective; I could already gybe - mostly dry and maybe 20% planing exit (always on port tack) - I wanted to refine my technique and improve my position around a slalom course. Now I plane out of most gybes (carve, ducks andlay downs) on both tacks and with a huge smile on my face!

"Their enthusiasm for the sport is infectious - even infected an old geezer like me when I thought I was immune to everything except blue-juice! What's more, their patience and teaching styles make everything seem so simple. If only!"

Bob Bennett 


"Colin coached me and my brother in Vass last year and took our windsurfing to the next level - awesome!"

Steve Kingston 


Our DVD is out! Check out the trailer below!


We at Windsurf Coaching are completely committed to using the latest technology combined with a friendly fun attitude to improve your windsurfing technique and bring those elusive moves to life from carving to upwind to popping an hoping. Come to a WSC clinic this and find out how good the guys are at teaching all levels of windsurfing, and check out the tech they use to teach. From Gopro video cameras to mics and headphones so they can get into your head on the water. If you cannot make the clinics then get the second best experience and buy the DVD. 

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Windsurf Coaching was started as a joint effort between Colin 'Whippy' Dixon and Marco 'Dancing' Wedele. Using the newest and best techniques and equipment they use their combined experience* to give you the ultimate windsurf coaching experie...

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June 07, 2016

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