WindSurf Coaching _ Last 2014 UK tour date at Rhosneiger this weekend

by Colin Dixon
on October 13, 2014
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Last chance to catch Wind Surf Coaching on our last UK tour date at Rhosneiger. The forecast is for wind all weekend, a good chance to try to get into waves for the first time all the way to the first FORWARD LOOP.

Rhosneiger is a fantastic, safe place to teach, from water starts to getting some air. One of Colin’s favourite spots in the UK. 


Here is a Video at the event last year!


Have a look at the weather forecast, looking good, classic Rhosneigr!


To let the guys know you're coming please contact us via the website as places are going fast………



After the the UK tour the boys are heading off to Brazil for 3 more clinics!!! 

If you would like some guaranteed winter sun, wind, easy waves or perfect flat water and want to meet like-minded windsurfers from around the globe in a truly laid back and peaceful destination, join us for a trip of a lifetime. Just pack board shorts and a rash vest, leave the wet suit in UK you won’t need it ! contact us for info @


Also news on the flights to Sardina, currently they are £65 pounds from Easy Jet

(London Gatwick to Olbia (Sardinia) 9th to the 16th of May Freeride Clinic + 17th-24th and 25th to 31st of may Boat trips!



An Exciting Year for Windsurf Coaching

by Colin Dixon
on September 19, 2014
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Hey everyone,

Its been a very exciting year for us and WindSurfCoaching were just finishing our 2nd European tour and we're back to the UK for our weekend tour around the UK!

The European tour started with an early event in Tenerife, we where meant to be going to Dahab but sadly the trip got cancelled two days before because of political reasons (shame). But we did find an unreal place for intro into waves, the place rocks with three options of waves, from beginner wave sailing to hard core. It's only a 4 hour flight and you fly directly to the spot which is ideal, the flights are sometimes cheaper than filling up the van to drive down the coast. We are planning to do a few trips next year so please contact us for more info.


Playfull waves out at the spot where the centre is.

Colin and Adam Lewis sharing the same wave just up wind of the harbour wall

Next stop, UK to pick up the mega Van and on to Austria for the Surf World Cup.

The Surf World Cup brings some of the most talented, stylish, legends windsurfers in the world together for an amazing Event With amazing parties! We have been competing here for years and this time round we went there to support with some coaching and spreading some windsurf coaching love in Austria.


Camp Windsurfcoaching

Mr Tonky Frans taking 2nd in the event with his pure style this guy is an amazing ambassador for windsurfing, Hero!

Back on the road down to Italy then a boat trip across to the lovely Island of Sardina, it was the first time for us and WOW what a place, we had a real nice bunch of people on the course and the centre and conditions where unreal, the spot has flat water on 1 side and waves on the other.
The centre we use is Porto Pollo and it's in the perfect place. We are big fans! Good vibes and wind every day, real nice staff and the food was amazing.

We have already planned the trip back next year, we are planning a week at the centre, and 2 trips on 50 foot sailing yachts, touring around the island finding the perfect spots to sail. Watch out next news letter for more info!


MMMM windy and mmmm no one here really ?? hahha yep paradise and only us on the water welcome to the flat water side.


Marco playing in the swell!

Back onto the boat across back to the mainland with a quick weekend Course in Vieste, South Italy.


Colin coaching as the Italians soaking up the knowledge

Long Boat Trip To Vassiliki 

Back to Vass and its an end of a era!!!

Our last season at Club Vass finally hanging up the harness, With over 20 years of coaching between us. We have been travelling the world and had some amazing times with Club Vass, both being managers at most of the centres.

WSC is getting so busy we have decided to go full time, but of course hoping one day we will be back running windsurf coaching clinics there.


Colin and Dave White having fun in speed week

After another great summer in Vass we are now back in the UK very excited about the UK tour and Brazil as we will be running clinics year by year in Brazil with them all pretty much sold out.

The summer is slowly coming to an end here in England, but the windy season over here has just began!!

First stop was at the NWF! So many keen, happy and enthusiastic windsurfers at the NWF on Hayling Island, which once again was a great weekend. Although there hasn’t been any wind, It's still good to see that there is a lot of interest for windsurfing!


Colin and Marco at the NWF

The First stop Essex, the only way is Essex with Wet and Dry down at Southend.

After last years unreal two days of wind at the Ray , we where very excited about what Essex had to offer this year and yep, the weather was perfect, two days of sunshine and wind.


A Bit of muscle memory before the tide came in for the afternoon session

Next Stop Cornwall where we will run our first intro into waves clinic at Daymer Bay at the end of the month!

The Dates for the rest of the Uk tour and also our amazing Clinics abroad all the way up until next summer are now out!!!

Any more info or any questions please contact us directly on!!

Hope to see you all soon

Big windsurf coaching love

Colin and Marco





Windsurf Coaching Mega Van Blog #9

by Colin Dixon
on April 09, 2013
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ITs bloody snowing again and i woke up in horsham, the van was snowed in and I'm on a time scale, ahhhh bloody weather, i have to leave for Cornwall as Steve from Westcountry Campervan has managed to squeeze me in as he is fully booked till june otherwise, thanks dude you are a hero! Savage drive, windy as hell and it was the first time i have driven it in 40 knots, bit of a hand full but all my go karting skills came to play and now fully ready for what mother nature throw's at me, also bloody salt trucks spraying my new paint work with salt good job the chassis is now covered in wax oil!
The first big trip with the new paint work, hahaha quite funny how many heads have turned, people are so used to seeing white sprinter that are all knackered, its nice to see all the hard work we have put into it is paying off.
On the way down i had to finsh the carpet on the walls as steve's mission was to do the over head cabinets and sink unit- again another mission till 3am but i was quite happy plodding away with my heater on full power
The wood i ordered was a kind of pin striped dark colour- i like it and i'm happy how it turned out, steve with a very steady hand cutting away
The first unit made and looking good- good job steve, hahaha he is smiling now but trust me 10 hours later when we finished at 6 am he wasn't, hahaha thanks Steve
kitchen unit made up mmm quite a tricky one to make this as i want  to have two double beds on the inside,  i have a rock and roll bed that slides out so the unit had to be fully custom made around my design, love it though and i have a nice sink and two hobs to sit on top!
the over head unit in each side and the sink unit in place- pimping sink that is slim and works just the way i needed it to be! we have put the units in only temporarily, as they will have to come out for the new floor and to connect the gas up! also the form arrived and the seats are pimping of course i wanted full leather but now my budget has gone so i need to just get it done! Next year i will look to up grade it  but loving the dark stealth look and i will have lots of lights and also two roof lights so it won't be to dark- also ordered some real cool disco lights that i will show at a later date!
Van done a vert- tired and broken Steve thanks dude unreal work!! Give him a call guys, very well priced and as you can see bloody good job
Big thanks for the cornish BIG STEW and his family for putting up with me for a week- thanks bro
I'm broken,it has been a hard week, late nights long mornings, had to go back as Marco is flying over to help finishing the beast so i finished with Steve at 6.30 slept for 1 hour  in the van and then worked till midday, then drove to london- so tired but i have to keep going though!!
Back off to the south coast to going and stress Matt and Stew out some more as they have had a week off from me hahah
2 weeks to go and a lot of stuff to finish !

Windsurf Coaching Mega Van Blog #8

by Colin Dixon
on April 06, 2013
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So my next mission is to get everything under the van sorted so i can get the floor down and sealed so i can start to build the inside!
I have gone 5 star on the build and wanted as much space inside as pos so i have gone for an underneath gas tank and water tank that was such a mission at the end but will be worth it! i have seen how they install them mmmm i wouldn't trust any of the uni brackets they give you or buy them, they are all shocking also any one who just drills into your van without protecting  the bear metal they just drilled, putting primmer, paint and wax oil is a MUST, as the first thing that will rust on your pride and joy will be these points so watch out and i went with better than factory finish ,Stew Style brackets these bad boys will stand anything!
One gas tank

One water tank


 the gas tank all lined up me and Stew have decided where to put both tanks, its quite important to even out the weight around the the chassis as i know its a big van and will not handle well but if all the tanks are on one side it would make it handle even worse!

Brackets are welded so they will not collapse under pressure when you bolt the tank down

Stews finishing touch 


The bed getting welded up, i must have a strong bed, so the idea is to weld brackets to the side so we can have max room in the garage area 


 The brackets finished, painted and wax oiled and ready to bolt on and also the bed is sprayed 

Tank getting bolted on as you can see we have taken back the unseal so you have a flat edge so the tank sits even- very important with a LPG tank!

the bracket inside are not just some crappy washers so this way it spreads the load of the weight when the tank is full and also sits flush on the floor and of course all cleaned up, painted and wax oiled again!

Ouch two new holes in my new paint work 

Stew working his magic after working with stew i wouldn't trust any one else to cut or drill holes in my van


hahhaha a happy stew as he didn't get one mark on my new paint work another perfect job 


 And there it is now, we have the tank and filler in

looking smart, go's well with my carbon magnet and the smoked lens , the reason i also went for LPG gas is, that i can fill it up at most places around Europe,because most gas tanks are different around Europe so it can be a pain in the back side

Back down to Southampton to finish the wiring for the floor, insulate and wax oiling it
Bolts are in for the water tank, what stew has planned for the brackets mmm this thing is not going anywhere! again a lot of weight 120 litters so thats 120 kg all adds up and you wouldn't want some crappy universal  brackets as it will move all over the place, the   ones that come with the tank are rubber mmmmm really ….

After all the work on the floor it quite dirty so another polish wax oil the wheel arches then foil then i will start on the floor- be warned guys there are a lot of cow boys out there, the wood work on my arches where just drilled into it leaving rusty holes so they had to be treated first also i found a lot of random holes so treated all of them primed and wax oiled to stop any rust!

wheel arches done and primed any holes that where looking a bit like they could rust in the next few years and after all the hard work the last thing i want is the floor rot out on me

here you can see the far white panels what they look like once cleaned and poilshed and how grubby the other panels are  

Tank dropped for the fuel feed mission

 fuel feed in and ready to be plumed in

The holes for the heater! i went for a diesel heater as i didnt really fancy the gas one as I'm not 100% trust on gas inside

The heater all plumed in all with stainless screws so they won't rust- good job Matt

The heater that is un real doesn't really use much fuel make's the van so much warmer for when we coaching in the uk after a long session- 7 people will be able to sit in and watch the tv with room and with a nice warm cup-per happy days , also the inverter 1000 watt and not a cheap crappy one as they are lots out there that i wouldn't trust, this inverter will make all my plugs convert from 240 to 12 v so they will run off my leisure batteries and there will be lots of plugs located around the van so me and Marco can charge the vid cam laptops and the head zone helmets 

so floor all finished i have kept the floor that came with the van  and i will just put some more flooring over it after talking to a lot of people and doing some research its well worth having a warm floor,
next stop is cornwall to get the cabinets made up! 


Windsurf Coaching Mega Van Blog #7

by Colin Dixon
on April 05, 2013
with 161 comments

Wow what a last month it has been, so much done on the van its broken me, I'm sorry i haven't up dated the blog for a while i have been so flat out in the work shop it's a joke, I have had a lot of messages asking when am i going to up date the blog so hear i go and sorry and thanks for following us i will try and get it all done on this massive trip across to spain on the boat and i try and post it every two days to get the blog up to date!


Im sat on the boat to Spain and with the mega van and a broken Marco close to finishing, with the beast under neath our cabin, the first time in a long time i feel relaxed, it has been a very stressfull few weeks i have had some amazing support and lots of people to thank and i will do as i go and at the end of the build!


so where do we leave it,



So the van is looking nice, the wheels are on now and its time to see a very good mate of mine John Gulhespy who runs New Wave Graphics not only does he rip at windsurfing but the guy is unreal with designs,  what ever i have in my head he makes it happen!! he helps me out with my sail stickers to flyers to pimping my ride!


I also wanted to do the logo's  while the paint is fresh and before i wax coat the paint work as once i do that the stickers will not stick!




The vision i had... 



John boys printer working its magic, quite pink but i like!! all about standing out from the crowd!



John  hard at work, kind of cool how his star tattoo goes well with the Club Vass star, ok fake window, good from far but far from good! i did a lot of sorting out in Dahab, to try and sort custom windows on line was a little tricky so i saw a vito with vinyl and went with it,  maybe next year when i make some money i will replace them with windows and also a glass roof !



Boom pimping good job john boy, its unreal how well the logo's on the van turned out I'm very happy and i have had a lot of visits on the website from people just seeing the van driving about ,one of the best advertising  banners out there, hahaha and room for more if the price is right ,




Back down to Southampton to see Matt to sort some of the inside out!
The first thing we did was build a over head storage area as in the sprinters they have a massive waste of space above your head so i decided to build a shelf as the back was always getting worked on and i had no where to store anything 
before as you can see a lot of wasted space

stripped and gutted getting ready for insulation also run a few cables for my hand free and mirror tv.




all insulated and the head board re trimmed 



shelf made up, tried my first bit of carpeting, quite easy on the flat bits whats all the fuss about hahahaha! the carpet i got of Steve who you will meet later a guy down in Cornwall who  runs west country campervans  has sold me  the 4 way stretch carpet and high temp glue at a good price! He does package deals on his website, the cheapest i could find and he is a windsurfer so he has my full support




changed the colour to be different worked out well


carbon the over head light, another new skill i have learnt on this build, i will show you guys a bit later on what else i have been up to with the carbon side of things
Then boom! the new over head locker  

one plain roof me and Matt are ready to take the carpeting skills to the next level


it is a two man job but i did manage to sneak in a photo half way

 Roof done, me and Matt did good i think i have seen a lot worse out there, looks nice with the lights , hahaha Chubbsy popped around for a brew and blagged a roast of my sister- bloody students hahahaha 

back to horsham to build my bed then a trip down to cornwall for the rest of the inside,
We will post the blog up every two days to get you guys up dated 
enjoy and if you like please join us on Facebook, twitter and share the windsurf coaching love
Colin Dixon



Windsurf Coaching Mega Van Blog #6 WHEELS are here …..

by Colin Dixon
on February 27, 2013
with 87 comments

WHEELS are here …..

Before I put the bad boys on I'm popping back down to Eastbourne to see Rossetts, the Mercedes-Benz dealership. These guys are plotted about the South and know everything about Sprinters and Vito's. They are going to get the mega van up on the ramp and give the beast a good service as I will be covering a lot of millage it's important to keep the engine happy!! With new filters all round and first 15 litre of oil, the van is feeling the love!!!

Me and the main man, Big Sam Sparkes, the Area Sales Manger. He's windsurfer and a bloody nice guy, need a Mercedes, Sam's your man! 

After the guys @ Rossetts have done the service, Sam recommended Auto Solutions for a remap.  OK, a remap is when you plug a laptop into your vehicle's computer system and remap the fuel and air that will then give you more bhp. 

So I found out my van is 109bhp! It's the same engine as the larger Sprinter (130bhp), but just before it leaves the factory it gets remapped from 109bhp to 130bhp. After re-mapping my beast it's now an awesome 155bhp!!! Its safe and to be fair its better for your engine, more bhp means you will not be thrashing the engine and it will cruz better for longer!!

Wow what a difference, I know the van is empty but its like someone has bolted a mother turbo on to it!  

Hahah, I can brake the speed limit now and I don't pull like a tractor, do it guys its unreal!

WHEELS……….. they rocked up at Stew @Greens when I was down south 

HELL YEAH, hahhaha!!! 20 inch bad boys!!! They came from Italy and they are the biggest weight loaded wheel I could find for a Sprinter and that will take the weight!

All hubs cleaned, greased now ready for the bling!!

1st wheel on! Wow, it's transformed the van! excited!! With the weight of the build, the skirts and rear skirts it will look nice and low, I hope! So much better though!

So much better hey!!

The front is on, sik……….

Getting there, still needs the skirts on, but very happy!

I'm off on my travels now, going to work out the inside and give poor Stew some time on his own, as I have been crashing at his for the last 3 weeks! Legend, cheers Stew! 

This photo of Stew shows what the rear will look like with the rear bumper skirt, nice hey, once sprayed.

Next blog will be back to my Sisters, Paula, and see Matt for some inside love, also a trip to John @ New Waves to get it sign written!! 

Windsurf Coaching Mega Van Blog #5

by Colin Dixon
on February 16, 2013
with 265 comments


Hey guys still waiting for the wheels but still loving the van.

Now the Van is slowly taking shape before I put the bling bling wheels on that cost me a flight to some where hot and windy, I'm going down to Eastbourne to get the alarm and dead locks fitted!

Jeff from came highly recommended from a lot of people. He's also is a very keen and good windsurfer who has also build a camper van from a sprinter before. I have been reading his blog and its been helping me with a lot of building mine, have a look

So the plan is to fit a Alarm that has two settings. One with the full alarm sensors on the bonnet doors and inside, and then setting two where you can alarm the out side but the sensor Jeff put in the living area you can turn off too, so you can still set the alarm and move about inside, ideal,

Here is birthday boy cutting a hole in my new shinny door, Ouch!!!!

Now the van is safe as houses I can leave my new love in any area and not worry about it. Good job Jeff love your work

Door drilled lock in.

Inside and out done.

Rubber seal to finish it off.

Rear sliding door bad boy, no one is getting it to this beast fast!!

The Alarm is a Thatchham approved Cat 1 alarm. 

The seniors on the inside.

The senor you can turn on and off on the inside living area. 

Now the van is safe as houses i can leave my new love in any area and not worrie about it good job guy love you work at

Next up service and re mapp

Wheels arrived catch the next blog to see what they are like!

Resprayed Windsurf Coaching Mega Van Blog #4

by Colin Dixon
on February 08, 2013
with 93 comments

Hey guys the respray blog part 4!

Bumper and side door primed and ready to be sprayed!

Plastics now not looking like plastics! 

We took the door off as the owner before me loved slamming the seat belt in the door, so we took all the dents out, primed ready to spray. 

One new door all sprayed ready to be put back together. Stew getting stuck in!

BOOM drivers side done!

One side sprayed, bonnet on and plastics, now time to spray the sliding door side. As you can see it was a bit of a push to get the van in the spray booth, we had to deflate the rear tyres to get the beast in!!

Window about to go in

Door on the trims and now the window the van is starting to take shape!

Number plates just rocked up. K99 for my sail number and of course WSC for Wind Surf Coaching (pimping).

Front bumper on, well kind of. We quickly put the bumper on so I can get the beast back on the road. Needs some more paint and also some mesh in the grill spaces, but I will respray the bumper when I do the side skirts in a few weeks. Really happy with my new number plate and looks sik on the van!

There is the beast!! First time its been on the road for 3 weeks! New look and new plates, its a new van!!

Does need some wheels though. I had to hunt hard for some weight loaded wheels and tyres but finally I found some from Italy, which should be here next week, I hope!

Ok, the van is getting there, def needs a set of wheels and also side skirts! Now I'm off down to see Jeff down at to get the alarm and dead locks fitted!

Will post up next week what the beast looks like with a set of wheels.

Thanks for following!!!

Windsurf Coaching Mega Van Blog #3

by Colin Dixon
on January 31, 2013
with 3704 comments

Hey guys hope all is well

I have been a busy man with none stop 12 hour days (not down the coast :(…) in the work shop at Horsham at Greens with Stew and the Esserworks spray shop, owned by Jason and his twin brother Martin that's joined on to the end of Stew's work shop!

So we know the van has low millage, but as you saw on the first blog, the body work is very beaten up and we have got to a point now where we have to stop for the insulation, because the panel beaters have to get to the inside of the panels to beat out the dents.

The prep is the hardest part of the re-spray, as the van is massive its like spraying 3 cars at the same time.

The first thing is to do is mark all of the dents out. We decided to do one section a time.

After 3 months searching for this van I came across so many simular white vans that I decided instead of changing the colour to silver, which I originally wanted, I am going to stick with white. Reason being, that the colours on the signage will stand out more, keep the value on the van, keep the inside of the van cooler in the sun and to be honest, £1500 cheaper!!!



We took the front end apart for 2 reasons; No 1- so we can fit the van in the spray booth and No 2 - because we have a new bumper going on. 




Yeah baby!!!, all the way from Germany, the body kit has arrived!! And the front bumper looks ski!! The reason I went for a Sprinter is because they have a real good looking front end and now with this front bumper its going to be one good looking sprinter!!!

Here is a little note, guys if you ever order a body kit from abroad make sure you tell them your car is a right hand side as I made that mistake and they sent me side skirts for a sliding door for the right side, where my van is on the left!!! Good job I have Stew who has fitted many body kits before and I hope will able to sort my skirts out at some point, mmmm may have to wait for these to be put on at a later date.




Bumper prep and De-badge.




The first trip to the spray booth to prime the bumper side plastics and front bonnet. 



Ok, remember this ??? blog one




Now look, good work Genty!!!!! like new.




Getting every tiny little dent.




Stew cutting a hole for the window. The plan is to have two windows, the other side window will be sliding for ventilation when I'm cooking up a storm in my kitchen!!!




So straight!!! Better than if it came out of the factory you could draw a straight line off that edge after Stew has finished with it -UNREAL , Good job Stew!!!! 




Martin putting in lots of labor of love, good lad!




Hahah loving the weather!!! Good time to have no doors but van prepped and ready to go into the spray booth.



All masked up!!!! and ready to be sprayed.

I will post what it came out like by the end of the weekend thats when i hope to have it all sorted!


Colin Whippy D

Windsurf Coaching Mega Van Blog #2

by Colin Dixon
on January 21, 2013
with 4412 comments

Ok guys loving the van - I have got my self some temp insurance at the moment because it is classed as a panel van and I will convert it to a Motorhome vehicle by the end of the mission with the DVLA.

Loving driving the van about, I'm not sure what it is, maybe it's when you step UP into the driving seat and looking DOWN on other drivers, but it feels nice to drive. Yes it's a bus, its bloody massive and I won't be hand braking this bad boy about. It's definitely not my Rotax go kart!!!  However, cruising down the motor way is fine and enjoyable even in the lanes its good, the van is sweet, no noise, runs real nice!! Thanks Stew at Green's ARC, hero!!!

Off to see my Sister and her lovely family back down South to sort out the insulation and the plan for the inside with my brother in law, Matt, who is a legend handy man and who should of been on the A- team. Handy to know for all your electrical works!!! (

First thing was to work out what sort of installation i needed. I did lots of research into what most high end camper vans, motor homes and van conversions used, and i decided to start with foil that is like Celetex but a lot easier to use and go's in tricky places a lot easier. This stuff reflects the heat from both ways, so when its hot outside of the van in a hot place it will keep it cool inside. Also being a white van it will help, when its cold outside it will keep the heat inside of the van, happy days!


Then the 2nd insulation we put in on the side of the van is 50mm Celetex. Cutting the stuff and making the templates for the holes is a bit of a mission but its well worth the effort! This stuff is really going to insulate the van! The plan is to build the van to a 5 star quality.


To finish the insulation we sealed the Celetex with foil tape



Matt was really excited about cutting holes in the beast, so we waited for a few clear days and then started cutting for the roof vents.

I went for two vents - one big one with a thermostat in the front above the living area, and a smaller vent in the back above the king size bed.

Sparks are flying…..



The roof lights have to be reinforced with wood so it takes the strain of the van its self



Laying the wire's for the lighting 

Ply around where the vents going



Vent is sealed, ply is up -  happy days!!!


Starting to take shape inside and doing it myself with Matt I know its been done to a high standard!!

OK, we now have a roof and the van is starting to become warm! Back up to Stew's to start on the body work!  We can not insulated the walls as I need to get some panel work done first to get all the dents out and then fit the bad boy body kit!!  Finally, give the van a full re-spray. 

I will post up the body work part next week




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