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Welcome to Windsurf Coaching. Colin and Marco are offering  Coaching tips, Merchandise, DVD's and Downloads and even our own little Online Shop! 



"Their enthusiasm for the sport is infectious - even infected an old geezer like me when I thought I was immune to everything except blue-juice! What's more, their patience and teaching styles make everything seem so simple. If only!"

Bob Bennett 


"Colin coached me and my brother in Vass last year and took our windsurfing to the next level - awesome!"

Steve Kingston 


Our DVD is out! Check out the trailer below!


We at Windsurf Coaching are completely committed to using the latest technology combined with a friendly fun attitude to improve your windsurfing technique and bring those elusive moves to life from carving to upwind to popping an hoping. Come to a WSC clinic this and find out how good the guys are at teaching all levels of windsurfing, and check out the tech they use to teach. From Gopro video cameras to mics and headphones so they can get into your head on the water. If you cannot make the clinics then get the second best experience and buy the DVD. 

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Windsurf Coaching was started as a joint effort between Colin 'Whippy' Dixon and Marco 'Dancing' Wedele. Using the newest and best techniques and equipment they use their combined experience* to give you the ultimate windsurf coaching experie...

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April 09, 2013

  ITs bloody snowing again and i woke up in horsham, the van was snowed in and I'm on a...

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Windsurf Coaching Mega Van ...

April 06, 2013

So my next mission is to get everything under the van sorted so i can get the floor down and...

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